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SignSong Workshop

SignSong Workshop

No previous signing experience needed! 


SignSong workshops are both fun and educational, and for many people, are the first opportunity they have had, to have a try at signing themselves.


In this typical workshop lasting for 2.5 hours, participants will be taught the chorus of 2 popular songs and then work in smaller groups to learn the verses. Within just 45 minutes, they have learnt and can perform their first whole song in sign!



The session includes:

An introduction to SignSong and what it is

A Fletch@ SignSong performance

Tuition of 2 popular songs

A question and answer session - relating to SignSong, Deaf issues/culture 



These fun workshops are suitable for all ages (12+) and abilities and may be of particular interest for schools, colleges, universities, workplaces, team building event etc


With many repeat customer bookings, this is testament to our focus on excellent customer service and experiences.


If you are interested in booking or require more information
please Contact Us


"Absolutely first class workshop.... 43 people turned up and Fletch had everyone engaged, laughing, signing what a wonderful experience one, we will be booking again. Thank you and I would 100% recommend!"


"It inspired me to learn sign language"


"Fletch was a brilliant and enthusiastic tutor"


"I recommend that everybody should get the chance to attend this session!" 

"Fletch signs with such passion, beauty, attitude and charisma! A real inspiration! The workshop I attended was so much fun, would love to attend another. Cannot recommend highly enough!"


"It was a brilliant experience, meaning working with music in a different way."

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