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SignSong Performer

Fletch@ is one of the UK's leading Deaf Sign Song Performers.


Fletch@ works by translating the lyrics of songs and performing them in sign language. This emotive and captivating performance gives Deaf people access to the songs, whilst hearing people have the chance to experience the song both audibly, but more intensely, in a visual and powerful way.


Fletch@ is from the West Midlands, but performs all over the country at corporate and charity events, festivals, weddings etc. and appeals to both deaf and hearing audiences alike.  Her performances have also taken her internationally too, and has gained her recognition as a "Pride of Britain Finalist" in 2013, and a "Young Achiever of the Year Award" from The Princes Trust.  Fletch@ has been performing since the age of 9 and therefore has a wealth of experience and has performed alongside artists such as Ed Sheeran, Ronan Keating.


If you would like to book her to perform at your event, or require more information, please Contact Us

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